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RE/MAX Gateway Testimonials

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Scott and everyone at his RE/MAX Gateway brokerage are incredible.

I'm so grateful I joined his team. They are inspirational, forward-thinking, always improving and providing a great experience for their agents and clients. I'm proud to be a Gateway Great!

Amanda Petty, REALTOR

RE/MAX Gateway is by far the best brokerage firm I’ve ever worked at.

Scott McDonald’s experience and knowledge of real estate are bar none the best I’ve ever seen. He’s data-driven, which I really like. The office culture and atmosphere are my speed, hardworking agents that are helpful and fun to work with. I highly recommend Gateway to any agent!

Eddie Fernandez, REALTOR

I know RE/MAX Gateway is the place for me because of the transparency of the agents and our Leadership Team.

From training to informational sessions and listing exchanges to our Mentor Program and beyond, our brokerage moves as a unit, and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. Real Estate can sometimes be a lonely business, so having a brokerage that supports your goals makes the path to success that much easier.

James Bartolozzi, REALTOR

Joining RE/MAX Gateway was an easy choice for me.

In addition to generous commission splits and extensive training opportunities, the other agents and Leadership Team continuously breed a culture that is both motivating and supportive. There's always someone there to help answer questions, share experiences or provide guidance.

Amanda Robinson, REALTOR

I have been with RE/MAX for most of my 25+ year real estate career.

I can sincerely say that either a new agent or experienced RE/MAX Gateway is a wonderful place to be affiliated with for your career. Scott and his team are available anytime for support. The ongoing and consistent training keeps us up-to-date on the latest information and tools available for agents. Having the RE/MAX brand and its progressive technology helps set us apart from the rest. The security of experienced leadership has helped me expand my business and set the bar high for my future goals.

Dee Owens, REALTOR

Moving to a new brokerage is never easy, but I had my best year ever when I became a RE/MAX Gateway agent.

The support staff truly wants to help their agents succeed, and there’s tremendous team comradery between everyone here. We have excellent resources at our disposal, and the team is always looking for ways to improve or add to the services they provide. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make the switch to RE/MAX Gateway!

Richie Hanna, REALTOR

I am so proud to be part of the RE/MAX Gateway family.

 Scott MacDonald and the support team are smart, informed, engaged, and giving of their time and expertise. Everyone has been incredibly supportive during these trying times. Scott posts daily video insights and pep talks that keep us motivated and positive. Gateway has daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings that keep us up to date-and even ahead of the curve. He invites local, national, and international speakers to our agent forums to provide us with the information and knowledge to better educate and support our clients. The power of the RE/MAX brand and all the training and technology they offer is second to none, but the feeling of family makes me a Gateway agent!

Amanda Jordan, REALTOR

Switching to Gateway was one of the best decisions I have made for my career.

Gateway offers the tools and technology to help me work more efficiently and be more productive. The company culture: an amazing support system with the coordinating staff and other agents that made me feel welcome since my first day. Most importantly, the human factor - having our brokers one phone call away anytime I have a question or need advice, day or night! Gateway is like home to me!

Corine Farhat, REALTOR

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